The Venue: Hampden Park, Glasgow

The Dates:

Day 1: Saturday 26th August @ 12 – 6pm

Day 2: Sunday  27th August @ 12 – 6pm (including a fizz fuelled finale from 4 – 6pm!)

The Details:

A hack-what? Are you keen to get involved but have no idea of what a Hackathon is and if it’s right for you?  Don’t worry it’s basically just a group of like minded people who get together to share their skills and come up with a range of creative and digital solutions for a specific issue or problem.  So for our Hackathon we’re focussing on Access to Exercise and how we can achieve the maximum impact with the #MimiAndMeFor53 campaign and get as many women and girls across Scotland moving with Mimi this September.

Join us to help:

  • Identify and confront the key barriers to exercise currently facing women and girls across Scotland which, combined have made us some of the “unhappiest and unhealthiest” in the world
  • Develop a captivating social media campaign to help get everyone moving with Mimi this September
  • Create the most engaging and inspiring content for the 53 day campaign
  • Achieve the maximum awareness and fundraising initiatives for our chosen charity, Free to Run

We are running the weekend using the Impact48 model. Read about other Impact48 projects here.


PS. As most of our work will be focussed online it would be ideal if you’re able to bring along a laptop with you however this is not essential.  Your ideas and enthusiasm are just as valuable to us and will be much appreciated!