Not a runner and don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry we’ve got 53 days of exercise classes up our sleeves for you from Scotland’s favourite fitness guru, Kim Harkness AKA The Fairy Bod Mother which you can tune into or download as part of your #MimiAndMeFor53 challenge.

It all begins today with a full body workout for #workoutwednesday.

How many steps do you do in a workout? Mimi is doing 5,700,000 steps in her 53 day challenge to cover the 2850 miles from coast to coast in the USA.

Sign up by choosing your mile membership below today – you don’t have to do workouts you can share any exercise. If you chose to play golf you would need to play about 430 18 hole rounds of golf to do all the steps Mimi will do in 53 days. That could be very difficult!