The Company

Scrumptious Productions is a Bafta-winning production company based in Glasgow, specialising in social documentaries, filmmaking masterclasses and compelling “call to action” campaigns for audiences and clients across the globe.  We’re passionate about filmmaking and pride ourselves in turning movies into movements.  We believe that everyone has  a story to tell and we’re on a mission to change the world, one film at a time.  

The Film

The #MimiAndMeFor53 documentary follows the queen of UK Ultra-runners, ‘Marvellous’ Mimi Anderson, as she embarks on this epic adventure across the US, starting on the steps of Los Angeles City Hall and finishing at New York City Hall.  The film captures the highs and lows of this incredible 2,850 mile journey, which will see her running up to 60 miles each day, crossing 12 States and working her way through 10 pairs of trainers in over 5 million steps – non-stop for 53 days.  

Carol Cooke, Director of #MimiAndMeFor53 & Founder of Scrumptious Productions: 

Within minutes of meeting Mimi I knew I had to make this film.   I was just so inspired and could see how much her story and this latest challenge could inspire audiences of all ages and fitness abilities into action and into exercise.  So that’s what we’re doing with the #MimiAndMeFor53 campaign.  We’re not only creating a documentary that you’ll be able to watch and be inspired by Mimi.  We’ll also be launching a 53 day fitness challenge complete with 53 days of online workouts and inspirational content so that you can follow in Mimi’s footsteps and enjoy the life changing benefits of exercise in your own time and on your own terms and as part of our global community.  So hands up who’s up for the challenge?”